Empowering the next generation of artists

Sabrina is passionate about the arts and is dedicated to supporting new and emerging artists. Through philanthropic and cultural endeavours, she has made a profound impact on the arts scene across Asia and globally.

Poly Auction Macau

Sabrina serves as the director and chief executive officer of Poly Auction Macau, which specializes in auctioning off high-end art and jewelry. The dynamic auction house aims to be a leader in the continuous development of Macau’s cultural industry.

At Poly Auction Macau, Sabrina has also led significant philanthropic endeavours, donating paintings worth $1.5 million HKD to the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation and auctioning $50 million USD in the support of amfAR.

Chiu Yeng Culture

Sabrina founded and is now the managing director of Chiu Yeng Culture. Through it, she aims to promote Macau’s art and cultural development and enhance Macau’s reputation as a leading artistic city, spurring the tourism and cultural sectors. Chiu Yeng Culture supports young artists and seeks to integrate art with daily life in Macau, creating a sustainable employment environment for creative professionals and a strong, energetic cultural community.

In 2016, Chiu Yeng Culture organized the first of several “Y Shows,” which displayed a collection of work from local and overseas art graduates and provided a platform to celebrate rising talent.

Dr. Stanley Ho Foundation

Sabrina is the vice chairman of the Dr. Stanley Ho Foundation, a role in which she will also help guide art, cultural development and education. Through her continued support of local artistic endeavours and elevating Macau’s cultural scene, she will help the city flourish as a major arts player on the world stage.

Charity Work

Sabrina has been involved with various local and international charity organizations, including the Macau Service Centre, the American Foundation for Aids Research and the United Nations Children’s Fund.