First Porsche “Young Chinese Artist of the Year” Nominees’ Exhibition unveiled in Shanghai

Breaking through Art Boundaries and Exploring the Possibility of Diversity

Shanghai. On August 31, the exhibition for nominated young artists of the first Porsche “Young Chinese Artist of the Year”, jointly held by Porsche and the ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, was grandly unveiled at Modern Art Museum Shanghai. Themed “Young’nergy”, the exhibition showcased the creative energy of the young artists in advancing the sustainable development of modern art with their dauntless spirit of exploring and breaking through traditional ideas. Mr. Franz Jung, President and Chief Executive Officer of Porsche China; Ms. Tang Fengliang, Director of PR and Press of Porsche China; Ho Chiuyeng, Art Collector; Professor Qiu Zhijie, Dean of School of Experimental Art, China Central Academy of Fine Arts; artist Xu Zhen; Yu Miao, scholar and critic of art history; artist Mr. Zhang Enli and experts from cooperative art academies were present at the exhibition. They collectively admired the diverse art works that reflected the critical ideas and independent insights of the promising young artists. Winners of the “Young Chinese Artist of the Year” will be announced from these artists.

“The theme ‘Young’nergy’ is quite attractive to me. It represents the concept of sustainable development and is deeply synergetic with Porsche’s future development strategy. Forging ahead with determination and breaking through limitations with innovation is the gene that is strongly embedded in Porsche’s DNA, and it is also the quality of utmost value in these young artists.” Mr. Franz Jung expressed, “I hope that this platform provided by Porsche will motivate more young artists to aggressively break existing constraints and express their views, encouraging the present changes and future developments of Chinese modern art.”

Art works showcased at the exhibition were created by 15 young modern artists born between 1978 and 1990. Growing up in different times, they showcased multiple facets of life using various art forms, including easel paintings, images, devices and live performances. “Young artists should follow their heart, be dedicated to their work and feel the infiniteness of art.” Ms. Ho Chiuyeng, member of the nomination jury and collector, stressed.

In this group exhibition, young artists, with Li Xiaojie, Zhao Wenyue, Wu Junyong, Feng Lin, Ma Haijiao and Zhao Yao as representatives, showcased profoundly thought-provoking art works on issues plaguing society at present. They also expressed their intense feelings for humanity using humorous, exquisite expression techniques. When talking about his work, Ma Haijiao noted, “Artists should clearly express their true feelings in their work.” Works of Ma Lingli, Yang Xin, Yao Qingmei, Xu Liwei and Ding Li show their constant effort in achieving a perfect balance of traditional art and new elements, by critically reviewing art or combining subjective consciousness with nature’s rules. Miao Ying, Lu Pingyuan, Zhan Rui and Zhang Ding bring extremely revolutionary and legendary art works that are infused with creativity and bold expression. “An artist should always be curious about this world.” Qiu Zhijie, member of the nomination jury and professor and president of the School of Experimental Art, China Central Academy of Fine Arts, said.

The first Porsche “Young Chinese Artist of the Year” exhibition is being held from August 31 to September 15, where 15 young artists display their talents through their innovative art work. Who amongst them will emerge as winners of the Young Chinese Artist of the Year? The ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair at Shanghai Exhibition Centre in November will answer that question.

This article originally appeared on Porsche.