“There is a strong link between investing in creative and cultural potential and sustainable development”: Interview with Sabrina Ho

The U40 Empowered: a UNESCO-Sabrina Ho initiative promoting young female cultural entrepreneurs in the digital creative industries by investing in their creative potential.

Behind this initiative, is Sabrina Ho, a cultural entrepreneur and philanthropist from Macau, who is making creativity her top priority.

Ms Ho, in 2016 you were ranked among Forbes Asia’s Next Tycoons. Can you tell us about what led to this nomination?

As the Founder and the Managing Director of Chiu Yeng Culture (CYC), as well as the Director and Chief Executive Officer of Poly Auction Macau Limited, I focus on the development of art and culture by actively organizing various social activities to promote and empower young artists from different sectors in Macau. And, as a committee member of the Youth Committee of the Macao (China) Chamber of Commerce and as the Committee Chairman of Boao Youth Forum for Asia, I am constantly working to support the emergence of the region’s culture scene and to promote young artists.

Why have you decided to invest in creativity and work with UNESCO’s International Fund for Cultural Diversity (IFCD)?

The importance of the culture and creative industries for generating jobs, wealth, and social engagement is increasingly being recognized by government officials, private corporates, and non-profit organizations. There is a strong link between investing in creative and cultural potential, and sustainable development.

The IFCD has a proven track record in supporting projects that foster the emergence of dynamic cultural and creative industries. The IFCD has funded countless projects supporting capacity development for cultural entrepreneurs from around the world. Together, we can continue to support the creative economy by providing opportunities for young women in the digital creative industry.

What do you want to achieve with “U40 Empowered”?

Women struggle for access in the digital creative field. Gender equality affects us all and extends all the way up to the wealthiest and most glamourous fields we know. U40 Empowered is designed to increase opportunities for funding, infrastructure, equipment and co-production in the digital creative industries for women under 40.

But, U40 is not a women’s club – it’s an equality club for both men and women. We must all come together to support each other, regardless of gender. It is my hope that U40 Empowered will unlock opportunities for young women entrepreneurs in order for them to realize their full potential in the digital creative industries.

Interview by IFCD Team

Article originally appeared at UNESCO.